It Just Takes One Lunatic…

The word lunatic comes from the Latin luna (moon) describing a belief that changes in the moon could induce intermittent insanity. Isn’t that the truth. How many times have you heard a teacher roll out[…]

Building Student Agency

School pushes hard for wide not deep. It puts maximum pain on us when we’re doing below the standard in things we don’t love, instead of pushing us to even better in the things we[…]

Why Go Gradeless In Maths?

Productive struggle occurs when a learner is given a task slightly beyond their abilities. Suffice to say, I am productively struggling right now. I jumped into the learning pit a few months ago and have been[…]

Classroom Snapshot Video

Our class was recently invited to share how we are developing student voice, learning design & assessment, success criteria and feedback that moves learners forward as part of the annotating process. We were a little hesitant[…]

Student Self-Reporting In English

The past few weeks have been spent assessing what I value when it comes to English. This semester, students will self-report on English skills for their end of year report. This threw up a significant dilemma.[…]

Preparing Students For Change

Dear Parents & Guardians,  The changes to our class over the past semester were borne out of a desire to increase student engagement and achievement by empowering students to take greater ownership of their learning.[…]

Teaching Writers, Not Writing.

Our recent two week winter holiday was a complete right-off for me. A bad cough and laryngitis left me couch bound for pretty much the entire rest. The silver lining to this enforced rest was[…]

A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing?

The following inspirational quote gets thrown around pretty frequently on social media, but it sums up my current dilemma: Fake it ’til you make it are words I’ve lived by in my teaching career. I’m[…]